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Renting rather than owning

What do the storage- and construction sectors have in common with the retail sector? More and more companies have embraced the concept of renting, borrowing and sharing instead of buying. The results have proved highly successful. This is the finding of a new study by technology company Freetrailer. A company which is based on sharing economy services itself.

The aim of sharing economy services is to share goods by renting, sharing or borrowing instead of owning them. There is no doubt that the sharing economy is becoming popular because of its many economic and environmental benefits. One example is the Freetrailer service, which is based on the free loan of trailers. Today, the service is available in about 40 companies. In the last year alone, the number of trailers has increased by 24% nationwide. As the company compiles the list of industries that have best embraced the benefits of the sharing economy, some of them are at the forefront. These include construction, retail and warehousing.

– Companies in all sectors are constantly working to meet the needs of their customers. This is not always the easiest thing to do. A common mistake is not daring to expand their horizons and offer new services to satisfy their customers. Sharing economy solutions can certainly create goodwill for the company. This can be through resources that are already available, such as lending existing products or external services that add value to the customer experience, says Johan Wijkander Nordic Area Manager at Freetrailer.

Retail sector

A host for rental concepts have popped up at clothing stores, with trailers parked outside the stores for the public to use for free. There are many examples of retailers embracing the sharing economy, and sustainability is a common underlying reason for investing in the concept. One of them is ICA in Sweden.

– We have an active and growing sustainability policy. And we are always open to solutions that benefit the customer experience. Therefore, we are proud to offer Freetrailer’s sharing economy service, as it is both a sustainable investment and gives something back to the customers, says Fredrik Gindemark, ICA Retailer & CEO at ICA Maxi Supermarket Malmö.

However, it is not only in Sweden that the concept has caught on. In Denmark, Bilka, Føtex, Meny, Spar and Rema 1000, among others, offer free trailers at several stores in Denmark. While Europris in Norway and IKEA in Germany has the same concept.

Construction sector

In the construction industry, lending and renting is becoming more common, both between construction companies and also for private individuals visiting DIY stores. Renting instead of buying tools, construction equipment and vehicles is both better for the environment and the economy. Excavators, tractors and trailers are expensive and rarely used goods, so they can benefit from participating in the sharing economy.

This has been found, for example, at Materialepladsen, where you freely can borrow an open trailer when you need to transport sand, gravel, soil, etc. Also DIY stores like Silvan (DK), Beijer Bygg (SE) and Obs Bygg (NO) offer free trailers.

Storage sector

With an increasing population in the big cities and a decreasing number of apartments and storage spaces, the storage industry is growing at a fast pace. In the upstart mecca of San Francisco, for example, there are Air Bnb-like businesses where city dwellers with extra space can rent it out to people who need storage. Storage is now a major industry for city dwellers, and there are many players competing for customers.

Freetrailer has storage partners aswel with partners like Pelican Self Storage in Denmark and Sweden and City Self Storage in Norway. Here too you will find the sharing economy benefit of free trailer hire, allowing you to easily transport your moving boxes and extra storage.

Could you use a trailer? All you need is the Freetrailer app. Then you can find a trailer near you. Try it today and benefit from the sharing economy services. 

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