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Freetrailer is an innovative company which has used technological advancements to progress from trailer rental to an app-based self-service platform.

Freetrailer’s business model is based on offering our partners’ customers advertising-funded rental products. At the same time, Freetrailer offers end customers additional products that ensure credit security.

Freetrailer shares are traded under FREETR, and the share price can be tracked on the Spotlight Stock Market.

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Nicolai Frisch Erichsen

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Strong core business with scalable concept

Freetrailer’s overall strategic goal is to expand its digital sharing-economy service to every country, city and area that has the conditions required for its services. Freetrailer will continue to expand and adapt its product portfolio in line with the needs and developments of the market. Our long-term expectation with the initiatives we have launched and the opportunities we have identified is to achieve a total market position of 6,800 rental products with a total of 1,600,000 rentals by the end of the financial year 24/25. 

Our self-service solution puts enormous demands on us as a company. We have a strong technological platform and a professional organisation which ensures less work for stores and makes partnering with us easy and profitable.

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