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Since our beginning in 2004 Freetrailer has worked hard to provide a sharing economy solution that benefits everyone. The idea is as simple today, as it was back then: to let anyone who needs a trailer or electric cargo bike lend one for free.

At Freetrailer we work according to the principle: We make sharing easy! Our award-winning Freetrailer app makes this sharing principle easier than ever, with users able to pick up and return trailers and eBikes themselves with our self-service concept.

IKEA, Silvan, ILVA and many other partners have already joined our mission. All of our partners help our mission by providing access to our trailer service at their stores. Meaning users never have to look too far when they need to borrow a Freetrailer!

Sounds too good to be true? Watch the video below to see how “Lending a trailer with the Freetrailer app” works. 

Our history

2024: 20 years anniversary

Freetrailer Group A/S celebrates its 20th anniversary with its establishment on March 4, 2004.

2023: Reaches 1,000,000 rentals

Freetrailer reached 1,000,000 rentals in 12 months.

2022: Winner of the E-Commerce Award

Freetrailer wins the Danish E-Commerce Award 2022 in the category “Best B2C company with online turnover under DKK 100 million”.

2021: +600.000 rentals in the year

Freetrailer reach a new record with 600,000 rentals for the year and enters into a new global agreement with IKEA.

2020 +400.000 rentals in the year

Freetrailer reach a record of 400,000 rentals for the year.

2019: Expansion into Germany

Freetrailer expands its concept to IKEA department stores in Germany.


2018: 300.000+ rentals in the year

Freetrailer goes public on the stock exchange and round 300,000 rentals.

2016: Expansion to Norway

Freetrailer gains huge success and expands to Sweden and Norway. Electric cargo bikes become the company’s newest rental product.

2008: Expansion to Sweden

Freetrailer expands to Sweden and on November 12, 2008 Freetrailer Sverige AB is founded.

2004: Freetrailer is established

Freetrailer is founded in Copenhagen by Allan Sønderskov Darré and Aksel Blomgren Ambjørner with the aim of making it easier for consumers to rent trailers.

Freetrailer has a clear mission. Following our mission of ‘We make sharing easy’, we want to make it super easy and free for everyone to rent things they rarely use, instead of having to own them. This include things like trailers and electric cargo bikes which can currently be borrowed from more than 1175 Freetrailer locations across the whole of Scandinavia and Germany.

More about Freetrailer

Freetrailer was born from an idea that originated from the world of sharing economy, and has now grown into an international company. 

We strive to think differently and develop ideas that make transport from A to B as easy as possible. We know that people have less time and want to spend their money wisely. At Freetrailer, convenience is the most important thing we can offer the customer. A simple solution is a free solution. 

Freetrailer has established and expanded a trailer rental market where customers can borrow a trailer for free and partners can promote their business, and thereby get more customer visits and increase sales. 

Freetrailer is, in all its simplicity, an extra free service for our partners’ customers. A concept that creates value for both the company and the customers – we call it WIN-WIN. 

Are you interested in working in a fantastic environment with the best colleagues in the world? Then Freetrailer might be something for you. 

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Partnering up with Freetrailer is a great way for your company to get exposure and at the same time give your customers an excellent offer!

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Freetrailer was founded in Denmark back in 2004 by Allan Sønderskov Darré and Aksel Blomgren Ambjørner. It’s based on the unique business idea that all sorts of companies should be able to offer their customers the option to borrow a trailer for free.

IKEA was the first company to partner up with Freetrailer. The concept was such a great success that Freetrailer is now the leader in the trailer rental market in Denmark. The company expanded to Sweden in 2006, Germany in 2013, Norway in 2015 and The Netherlands in 2025.

Satisfied customers have since borrowed a Freetrailer more than 5 million times in total!

Freetrailer in brief

Freetrailer was founded in 2004 as a sharing economy platform intended to make it easy for consumers to rent a trailer. Thanks to the user-friendly app, todays’ consumers can manage their trailer rental themselves. With a 100% self-service solution via the Freetrailer App and the electronic lock, Freetrailer partners and their customers achieve maximum flexibility. Today, the app has over 500,000 active users annually.

Freetrailer works with a two-part growth plan in which reinforcing the existing home markets comprises one part while further internationalisation of the concept makes up the other.

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