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Our super practical open 2-axle trailer

Do you need to borrow a big boogie trailer? Whether you’re tackling a major renovation or moving a substantial load of gravel, sand, or soil, Freetrailer has you covered.

Our 2-axle trailers, also known as tandem axle or boogie trailers, provide heightened stability during both loading and driving. This makes them an absolute must-have for transporting weighty cargo. Perfect for scenarios like hauling construction materials or discarding larger items destined for the recycling center.

Each side of the trailer boasts opening panels, ensuring effortless loading and unloading access. Don’t miss out on the convenience and reliability of our 2-axle trailers.

Frequently asked questions

Through the Freetrailer app, you have access to Freetrailer locations all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany so it’s easy to borrow trailers or cargo bikes that meet your transport needs.

Didn’t find your answer?

If you have further questions, you can easily contact our support team. Find the local phone number for our support on the different country landingpages.

It is free to borrow a Freetrailer if you pick it up directly at one of our partners. Come by and borrow one today through the Freetrailer app!  
Please note that a direct booking is only possible, if the trailers has not been reserved by others. 

Reserve a trailer: 

You can also choose to reserve a Freetrailer in advance via our website or app. That way, you’ll know there’s a Freetrailer ready for you when you need it.  

You can opt for Freetrailer insurance when you borrow, so that you are covered in the event of most damages. 

The free rental period differs from country to country. You’ll have to check the booking site in the country, where you want to book a trailer.  

Need more time? 

If you need to extend the rental period, you can extend your rental period if the trailer has not been reserved by other users.  

You can borrow a Freetrailer all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. You will find your nearest Freetrailer location in our app.  

We have partners across all of Scandinavia and Germany with more than 3000 Freetrailer products ready for you at +700 Freetrailer locations! 

With our Freetrailer app, you will always find a Freetrailer near you. 

You must pick up your Freetrailer within 1 hour of your chosen pick-up time. It’s all done through the Freetrailer app, so you are guaranteed easy self-service. 

All you have to do is open your Freetrailer app and follow the step by step guide for an easy pick up of the trailer. Returning your Freetrailer is also done via the app. 

You must return your Freetrailer at the same location as you picked it up. Returning the Freetrailer is done by using the Freetrailer app. 

You can return your Freetrailer whenever you like – as long as it is before your selected return time. 

Please note, it is not possible to return your Freetrailer to a different location than your pick up location.  

At Freetrailer we offer a range of different trailers. We therefore always have a trailer to suit your needs. 

Not sure how much weight a trailer can hold? Find the weight of our most popular trailers here:  

Closed trailer: 

Total weight 750 kg. 

Own weight: 360 kg. 

Load weight: 390 kg. 


Open trailer: 

Total weight 750 kg. 

Own weight: 270 kg. 

Load weight: 480 kg. 


Open 2-axle trailer: 

Total weight 1300 kg. 

Own weight: 425 kg. 

Load weight: 875 kg. 

All Freetrailer products are insured by Freetrailer.  
If you return your Freetrailer with a damage, you must pay an excess. This differs from country to country.  

You can buy an extra insurance (an excess deduct), when you borrow a Freetrailer.  

You can read more about our insurance here.

With a normal drivers license (type B), you can drive any type of trailer with a total weight of 750 kg. or less if your car is allowed to carry a trailer with the given weight.

A box trailer and an open trailer at Freetrailer weigh 750 kg.

Our boogietrailer weighs 1300 kg. In this case the vehicle and trailer must not weigh more than 3,500 kg in total – if you have a normal driver’s license. Your car can therefore not weigh more than 2200 kg. If you have an extended driver’s license, you’ll be allowed to drive with more than a total of 3500 kg.

Freetrailer earns money from the advertising space on our products, and from the additional services that some of our users buy.

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