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Why Freetrailer?

Freetrailer is a winning concept! A sharing economy platform, a branding channel and a unique and free service for your customers. Watch the video for an introduction to an idea that has grown through sharing.

Freetrailer was founded in 2004 as a sharing economy platform that wanted to make it easy for consumers to rent a trailer. Thanks to our user-friendly app consumers can find their nearest available Freetrailer and manage their rental themselves. Over 5 million people and counting have used our app so far. The concept behind Freetrailer is simply: ‘We make sharing easy’.

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Your benefits with Freetrailer

Freetrailer makes the rental process easy and hassle-free for both stores and customers by taking over the rental process and taking care of everything around it. We take care of the practicalities and help you optimise marketing to your customers in-store, online, at pick-up and drop-off and more. We take care of everything.

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Flexible self-service solution

The self-service solution via the Freetrailer app allows customers to do everything via the app - booking, pick-up and drop-off - without the need for your staff to be involved.

No workload for you

The self-service solution imposes high demands on us, and we have a strong organisation that means less work for you which makes it easy to partner with us.

More sales with effective marketing

As our customer, you benefit from our entire online and offline marketing platform, whose primary task is to ensure that your trailers and bikes are rented out every day of the year. Our solution creates more customers and more purchases for your business.

Effective outdoor advertising

Freetrailer is the perfect medium for effective advertising campaigns, delivering your message at the right time, to the right people and at the lowest cost per thousand impressions.

An extra service for your customers

As a Freetrailer partner you can offer a free and flexible transport service to your customers and this contributes to strong customer loyalty. Our customer service is also open 7 days a week, so you and your customers can always call us.

Ongoing maintenance and service

We provide roadworthy trailers and electric cargo bikes. Ongoing maintenance and service is part of our solution.

A strong branding channel in the battle for customers

The battle for customers is heating up. Brands are shouting from the rooftops across all online communication channels to try and reach individuals. This makes Freetrailer an attractive add-on to your company’s branding. Customers drive your advertisement around town on a Freetrailer, establishing awareness about your business and this unique service that lets people rent a trailer for free at your shop. That’s how Freetrailer benefits both companies and customers.

Customers doing the advertising work themselves is worth its weight in gold for a company’s image and branding. Figures shows that consumers have clear preferences: they prefer shops that can offer trailer services. Even better the turnover typically increases at individual stores that offer Freetrailer because individuals buy more when free transport home is provided on-site.

As a Freetrailer partner you can be a part of all of this.

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Why should you become a Freetrailer partner?

There are many questions that may come up before you commit to a long-term agreement.

Here, we offer you an overview of some of the specific questions that may arise when you’re thinking about entering into an exciting agreement with us at Freetrailer.


Regardless of whether you want to improve your customer benefits or increase awareness of your company, Freetrailer is the solution for you.

Offering your customers an extra treat is hardly a bad thing – even less so when it’s free. By entering a partnership with Freetrailer, you can offer a free trailer or bike service at your store. Making your customers happy and increasing customer satisfaction and customer flow.

Next, Freetrailer gives you a unique advertising tool. With an advertisement on wheels, your company can reach areas that are otherwise difficult to penetrate. With Freetrailer, your store achieves visibility on the roads around your local area – including near your competitors. Helping you attract more customers to your store.

There are many benefits to a partner agreement with Freetrailer.

First and foremost, you get to offer you customers the ability to borrow a trailer or cargo bike – completely free of charge.

You get a full-service package – including our service technicians who ensure that the Freetrailer concept is always functional, and our daily support team who take care of all customer cases and calls. Meaning you don’t have to worry at all about maintenance or customer service.

Unique branding! Our designers help to create a foil that suit your company’s wishes. From here, our marketing department helps with advertising and optimisation online, so customers know about your new benefit!

With a partnership you get to offer your customers the ability to borrow a trailer or cargo bike – completely free of charge. We all know that customers appreciate extra service. Plus, your customers get free access to the Freetrailer app where they can manage their rental themselves. Meaning your company doesn’t have to worry about anything regarding the rentals.

With Freetrailer, your company gets a full-service package, with our daily support team taking care of any questions that customers may have regarding their Freetrailer rental. Our support team is always available and takes care of all customer concerns.

Plus, our service technicians are included in the agreement and will regularly come out to check on the trailers and make sure that everything is running as it should. Meaning you don’t need to worry, because we also take care of service, maintenance and repairs.

It is important for Freetrailer that working with us is both easy and simple.

The self-service solution using the Freetrailer app means customers manage everything themselves  – from making a reservation to pick-up and returning. Meaning we don’t require anything from you!

We have a strong organisation, which ensures less work for you and makes partnering with us easy.

The only thing your company needs is parking spots for the trailers.

We have an entire marketing team ready to help!

Our designers take care of specific requests for foils on your trailers to ensure your company gets the best possible advertising. We are always ready to help with a bit of sparring.

Plus, we help with concrete online initiatives, ensuring your company visibility through a personal partner page on our website and in the app.

We also post on all our SoMe channels so everyone become aware of your company’s new Freetrailer service. We further more ensure that your company gets a Freetrailer location on Google Maps and appears in online searches through Google Ads.

Our concept is suitable for all industries. Our concept can adapt to your specific wishes for the trailers.

As long as your company needs a free trailer or eBike service, we can work together – whether you work in retail, run a furniture store, estate agency, garage, or work in other industries.

The only thing Freetrailer needs is a parking space.

Although the rental is free for customers, there are still lots of financial benefits in it for you!

First and foremost, the extra customer benefit creates more customer satisfaction, which is why more people will choose your store over one that doesn’t offer rental. 

Plus, with Freetrailer there is more space for customers to buy larger purchases, meaning people are more likely to spend more money at your shop.

Freetrailer is also a much cheaper advertising option compared to print media and other forms of branding. With Freetrailer you have a rolling advertisement, 365 days a year – 24/7. 

There are only financial benefits to an agreement with Freetrailer, both for you and your business!

Freetrailer in brief

Freetrailer was founded in 2004 as a sharing economy platform intended to make it easy for consumers to rent a trailer. Thanks to the user-friendly app, todays’ consumers can manage their trailer rental themselves. Over 5,5 million people and counting have already used our Freetrailer app.

Freetrailer works with a two-part growth plan in which reinforcing the existing home markets comprises one part while further internationalisation of the concept makes up the other.

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