General terms and conditions

Last updated on December 1, 2022 at 4:03 PM

Free and paid rental period

It is free to rent a Freetrailer from the moment of pick-up time, and for a limited period. After this period, normal rent is charged for every commenced rental period.

If the rental location is closed the next day, the free period is extended until the first opening day of the rental location.

When returning a trailer, it is only possible to start a new, free rental period the following day. If you wish to rent more than one Freetrailer the same day, normal rent is charged for the rental period.

Trailer pick-up

During the trailer pick-up you must inspect the trailer in terms of its technical condition. Check if the trailer is free from any damages, and if all its parts are intact including the lights and turning signals.

In case you notice any damage, you must report it as fast as possible to the staff at the rental location and before you drive with the trailer. You will be assigned a new trailer if there are trailers available.

If you can’t pick-up your trailer, you can cancel your booking up to 1 hour before the pick-up time. Note that the online booking fee is not refundable. You can cancel your booking via our website or via the Freetrailer mobile app. Generally, a 14 days withdrawal right applies to a rental agreement with Freetrailer ApS. Since renting a Freetrailer is regarded a service taking place at a specific timeframe (the rental period) the withdrawal right is voided at the start of the rental period.

If you don’t pick-up your Freetrailer one hour after the pick-up time, you will be charged a penalty fee, as well as potential booking and insurance amount. You also risk that your booking will be cancelled.

Your responsibility

You are fully responsible for ensuring that your Freetrailer is towed by a vehicle that is lawfully registered for towing a trailer, and that there is a liability insurance on the hitch of the vehicle that tows the trailer.

You must have a valid driving license, allowing you to tow the rented Freetrailer. You are responsible for driving with the Freetrailer in full compliance with the road laws.

The Freetrailer may be driven only by you and, if this applies, the other driver as written in the contract. The Freetrailer can not be rented to a third person, and it cannot not be used for transporting persons or live animals.

The trailer may not be used for political or religious purposes.

If you get a flat tire whilst driving, you must pull it to the side and park the Freetrailer legally and in a way that ensure that it is not disrupting the traffic in any way. Disconnect it from the car and empty and lock the Freetrailer, then please contact Freetrailer’s customer service with information about the incident, location etc.

The phone number is as follows:
DK: 88 537 700
SE: 010 – 330 00 09
NO: 21 99 97 97
DE:  800 0005894   

Parking tickets and other fines

You are responsible for paying any fines / parking tickets due to unlawful use of the Freetrailer. If we receive a fine, we will provide your details to the parties involved, and you will be charged an additional administration fee.

Failure to pay parking fee / charge will result in a claim against the tenant of the trailer including, if applicable, late fee and a administration fee.

Any objections to the parking fine/fee shall be directed to the authority.

If your Freetrailer travels abroad, you may be fined for not having the original registration certificate. However, there is a copy at the back of the trailer. However, be aware that damage to the trailer, or the car, is at your own expense abroad, and at the same time you are also responsible for home transport of the trailer, if necessary. We recommend that you as a rule do not take our trailer abroad.

Return of the trailer

See the exact return time in your rental contract that you received via email.

Your Freetrailer must be returned in the cleaned condition to the trailer’s pick-up point no later than the delivery date specified in the agreement, however, within the opening hours of the pick-up point. If you do not deliver your Freetrailer back in a clean condition, you must pay a cleaning fee.

Assuming that there is available capacity, you can extend the rental period through the Freetrailer app, the selfservice at or by calling Customer Service. Agreement on renewal is only finalized once you have received a written confirmation from Freetrailer.

Your Freetrailer is considered as delivered only when you have received an e-mail confirmation.

For late delivery, Freetrailer will charge a fee and normal rent for each new commencement of rental period. If you have taken out insurance, there will also be insurance fee for each commencement of rental period until the trailer is returned.

If you have not entered into a written agreement with Freetrailer to extend the rental agreement, Freetrailer can reposes the trailer through an immediate bailif without collateral, and at your expense.

Insurance and deductible

All Freetrailers are insured by Freetrailer. If you deliver your trailer back in damaged or inadequate condition, or if the trailer is stolen, you must pay a deductible.

If the damage or loss is calculated to an amount less than the deductible, the difference will be paid to you when a final statement has been prepared by Freetrailer.

If you have purchased a deductible cover, your deductible will be removed. Note that lock, key / electronic key (FOB), locking box and nose wheel are not covered by the deductible cover.

If you lose a lock or electronic key (FOB), you will be charged a fee.

Deductible coverage does not cover any theft of the trailer. There will always be a deductible if the trailer is stolen.

If the damage or loss, in whole or in part, is due to intentional behavior or breach of these lease conditions, Freetrailer may claim compensation in addition to the deductible amount.

The insurance does not cover damage to goods or theft of goods.


Freetrailer is under no circumstances responsible for operating loss, loss of profits or other indirect loss with you or any third party.

Freetrailer is not liable for any damages that the Freight Trailer may cause to your car, or its electrical systems.

Freetrailer accepts no responsibility for damages that may occur on goods in the trailer, or for theft of goods from the trailer.

Your reservation is not a guarantee that there is a trailer available. If the trailer has not been returned from previous rental – or is it damaged – Freetrailer is not required to provide a trailer for you. Freetrailer can not be held liable for lost reservations, or for missing trailers on pickup regardless of the reason for this.


If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact our Customer service.

You can also use the EU Commission’s online complaint portal, which will, however, mainly be relevant if you are a consumer domiciled outside Denmark. You can find the complaint portal here:

Security and payment

Freetrailer uses Altapay as payment service provider. Altapay is SSL compliant and PCI Certified. This means that your payment information is secured to the best standard.

When you rent a trailer through Freetrailer, we use SSL to ensure that communication between Freetrailer and Altapay, as well as between the customer and Freetrailer is encrypted. This means that when you type your credit card information on the Freetrailer website, it is only Altapay who can read them.

Freetrailer registers your payment card details when ordering. When you deliver your trailer back, we may deduct reservation fees, insurance, or payment of any damage, theft, extra rent or late delivery from your payment card. When you pay, you authorise the amount to be reserved on your card.

The payment capture occurs at once and there will be no extra deductions subsequently on your payment card – except for any pending parking fines.

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