General terms and conditions

By using the Freetrailer platform on and the Freetrailer app, you as a renter, accept the following terms and conditions.


  • The operation of Freetrailer is handled by Freetrailer Danmark ApS, CVR no. 27626661, Gladsaxe Møllevej 67, 2860 Søborg (hereinafter called “Freetrailer”). If you have any questions about these general terms and conditions, you can contact us at

  • Freetrailer is an online company that offers a sharing economy solution where anyone can borrow a trailer or an electric cargo bike – for free! However, extra services are offered for a fee, including a rental period after the loan, extended insurance and the option to secure your reservation.

  • When you use Freetrailer’s services, you accept our general conditions, which are described in the following terms and guidelines.

  • The person who creates a user profile with Freetrailer and makes the reservation of a Freetrailer is liable and thereby responsible according to these general conditions, which are described in this document. This means that you are responsible for all matters relating to the collection, use, driving and return of the borrowed or rented Freetrailer.

  • Freetrailer can change these terms and conditions at any time. The terms and conditions in force at any time are always available on our website and in our app.

  • It is only possible to use Freetrailer’s services via our app, which can only be accessed from a smartphone.

Reservation and loan & rental period
  • There will always be a free loan period of a Freetrailer. The length of this period appears on our website and will also always appear in the app’s booking system.

  • If you wish to use a Freetrailer beyond the free loan period, it is possible to extend the period with a rental period. Renting a Freetrailer takes place for a fee, and it requires that it is something we have agreed upon at the time of your reservation. 

  • A rental period can be extended via the Freetrailer app. However, this requires that the Freetrailer is not reserved for another customer. An extended rental period is only effective when you receive a confirmation in your associated email address and the change is reflected in the current reservation in the app.

  • If it is important for you to use a Freetrailer on a specific day and at a specific time, it is possible to reserve a Freetrailer in advance. This will be done against payment of a booking fee.

  • It is possible to cancel a reservation of a Freetrailer up to 15 minutes before the selected collection time. Cancellation can only be done in the app. The booking fee is not refundable.

  • You can always find information about Freetrailer’s prices, length of loan period, prices for rent and other prices and any fees on our website and in the app.

Collection & Delivery
  • You must collect the reserved Freetrailer within 60 minutes of the reserved time. If you do not collect your Freetrailer within this time, your reservation will be cancelled and you will be charged a no-show fee.

  • Only when you have returned the Freetrailer at the collection point, made the necessary registrations in the app and have received a return receipt to your associated e-mail address, is the Freetrailer considered returned. It is therefore important that you allow time for this within your loan or rental period of the Freetrailer.

  • You must return the Freetrailer cleaned and in the same condition as it was on collection. If the Freetrailer has been damaged or otherwise neglected, you will be charged a fee.

  • If the Freetrailer is returned late, you will be charged a fee, just as you will be charged for and must pay for additional rent and any addon services, e.g. insurance until you hand over the Freetrailer.
  • If the Freetrailer is not handed over, Freetrailer can transfer the case to the police and take possession of the Freetrailer through an immediate bailiff without collateral. All costs associated with this are at your expense.

Obligations and responsibilities when using and driving with Freetrailer

General for all Freetrailers

  • The person who creates a user profile with Freetrailer and makes the booking of a Freetrailer is the one who is responsible for all matters relating to the collection, use, driving and delivery of the borrowed or rented Freetrailer.

  • The free trailer may only be driven by the person(s) specified in the agreement. This is very important in the event that, for example, damage occurs to the Freetrailer during use.

  • The Road Traffic Act must be observed at all times when using Freetrailer.

  • It is your responsibility to examine and check that there are no significant errors and/or defects on the Freetrailer that would make it illegal or unsafe to use the Freetrailer, including – but not limited to – that the attached safety wire is intact, that wheels and brakes work, that signalling and lights work as they should, etc. When you pick up your Freetrailer, our app will ask you to go through a number of these points, but if you experience other faults and/or deficiencies that could affect driving so that it is not legal or safe, it is important that you do not continue driving.

  • The Freetrailer must never be used to promote political, religious, offensive or illegal purposes.

  • Freetrailer reserves the right to remove a user from the platform in case of lack of compliance with the terms and conditions.

    Information about Freetrailers for cars

  • A Freetrailer may only be driven by a person who holds a valid driver’s license and with a valid driving license to drive with the weight of the Freetrailer.

    NOTE: All Freetrailers for cars can legally be used on cars with a trailer permit. Depending on what you have to transport, however, you must keep track of whether the total weight will require a special driving license for trailers. As a general rule, you are always allowed to drive with a trailer with a total weight of 750 kg. with brakes. It will always be your responsibility to check whether you need a special driving license to drive the trailer you are driving.

  • The car towing a Freetrailer must be covered by statutory liability insurance.

  • The Freetrailer is tempo80 certified and can travel up to 80 km/h.
  • It is not permitted to sublet a Freetrailer.

  • A Freetrailer must never be used for driving with people or animals.

  • As the borrower/renter, you are financially responsible for any fines, parking fees and the like that are issued while the Freetrailer is in your care. If the fine, fee or similar is not paid, we will collect any costs from you and we will charge you reminder and administration fees.

  • If there is non-payment of a parking fee, Freetrailer will, upon receipt of reminders from the parking company, hand over personal data (name, address and possibly telephone number and e-mail) about you to the issuer. If you do not think that the parking fee is correct, objections about this must be addressed to the parking company and not to Freetrailer.

If damage occurs
  • If there is damage to the Freetrailer while it is in your care, you are obliged to notify Freetrailer as soon as possible. You can notify us in the app when you hand over the Freetrailer, or you can contact our customer service directly. You can find customer service contact information in our app or at the bottom of these general conditions.

  • If the damage makes it impossible to return the Freetrailer at the collection point, you must contact customer service and provide information about the Freetrailer’s exact location and a description of the extent of the damage.

  • If it is not possible to return the Freetrailer to the collection point, it will always be your responsibility to ensure that the Freetrailer is legally parked and is in no way parked in such a way that it poses a danger to other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. If you have purchased excess coverage, the costs for legal parking, for example the parking ticket, will will be refunded.

  • If the Freetrailer is damaged and cannot be returned at the collection point, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Freetrailer is emptied and correctly locked.

  • When Freetrailer’s trailer service has to pick up a Freetrailer at a location that is not the correct drop-off location, they will inspect the damage you have described. If trailer service cannot establish that the Freetrailer has the stated damage, you will be responsible for the costs Freetrailer has had in connection with the erroneous damage report, including rental costs, driving costs, administration costs and other costs associated with this.

Insurance coverage and the option of purchasing excess insurance
  • All Freetrailers have comprehensive insurance. If the Freetrailer is accidentally damaged in your care, your deductible to trailers for cars, as well as electric bicycles and E-trailers differs from country to country. The deductible is of course reduced if the cost of repairing the damage is less than the deductible. You can find the applicable deductible on the pricing page for the country you are renting in.

  • If the Freetrailer is stolen while it is in your care, you must pay the full deductible.

  • The purchased excess insurance also covers if damage occurs to the car towing the Freetrailer at the time of the damage – provided that it is the car that was specified at pick-up, that it is damage covered and accepted by the car’s comprehensive insurance and that the car is driven by a registered user of the vehicle.

  • The purchased excess insurance does not cover:

    • Accessories that come with the Freetrailer. This means that if there is damage, you must replace these items: (The price for replacing these items can be found on our website).
    • On the trailer: the lock, lock cylinder, hitch pin, jockey wheel, chains, wire.
    • On the eBike: reflectors, lights, wheels, batteries, battery chargers, bicycle tow etc.
    • On the eTrailer: steering handle.
    • Glass damage to the car.
    • Damage to the towing car, caused by removing and attaching the Freetrailer.
    • Damage caused when entering a car park where the clearance height is less than 2.30 metres.
Payments via the app
  • Freetrailer uses a third party to handle payment solutions. The selected suppliers will always be SSL and PCI certified, which secures and encrypts your information to the highest standard. Freetrailer never gains access to your payment information.

  • When you use our payment solutions, you agree that we reserve an amount until we are allowed to withdraw the payment. We only withdraw money when you have delivered your Freetrailer to the right place and without damage or defects.

  • If you do not deliver your Freetrailer to the right place, if damage has occurred, if accessories are missing, etc. we reserve the right to charge extra fees.
  • A reservation of a Freetrailer does not serve as a guarantee that a Freetrailer is available. Freetrailer is not obliged to provide or assign another Freetrailer if it turns out that there was no Freetrailer available even though a reservation had been made.

  • Freetrailer is not liable for loss of operation, loss of profit or other direct or indirect losses on your part or that of third parties, and similarly, Freetrailer cannot be held liable for lost reservations or if a Freetrailer is not available for pickup, despite a confirmed reservation, for regardless of the reason.

  • Freetrailer is not liable for any damage that the Freetrailer may cause to your car or the car’s electrical system, whether to you or to a third party, unless it can be shown that the damage occurred due to Freetrailer’s breach of its obligations. However, if there is damage to the car’s bodywork, caused by the Freetrailer while driving, it will be compensated providing excess insurance has been purchased.
  • Freetrailer does not assume any responsibility for damage to or theft of the things you store in the Freetrailer.

Right to cancel the agreement and complaints
  • You generally have a 14-day right to cancel a rental agreement with Freetrailer. However, the right of cancellation expires where the loan and/or the rental period is scheduled to start. The right of cancellation does not apply to booking fees, which is why these are not refunded if the right of cancellation is used before scheduled pickup.

  • If you wish to lodge a complaint, contact customer service. If you do not agree with the decision made by customer service, you can ask for a new assessment of the matter by contacting Freetrailer via e-mail

  • If you do not think that we can find a solution together, you can forward your complaint, if the conditions are met, to:

    The Mediation Team for Consumer Complaints  and the Consumer Complaints Board (Forbrugerklagenævnet)
    Nævnenes Hus
    Toldboden 2
    8800 Viborg

    If a solution cannot be found at the Centre for Complaint Resolution, the complaint must be processed by the Consumer Complaints Board. It costs money to complain to the Consumer Complaints Board. The amount will be refunded by Freetrailer if you are successful in your complaint.

  • If you live in an EU country other than Denmark, you have the option, as a private consumer, of addressing your complaint to the European Commission’s online complaint portal

Our processing of your personal data
  • Freetrailer, as data controller, will process your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation.

  • Information about personal data will only be collected when it serves a purpose for your activity at Freetrailer. Among the things we collect are:

    – Name and adress.
    – Email and phone number.
    – Driving license number.
    – Purchase and payment history.
    – Freetrailer location (GPS).
    – Conditions regarding any damages.
    – Vehicle registration no.

  • As a user of our platform, you always have the right to object to the registration, just as you have the right of access to the information we have registered about you.

  • You always have the right to request that any stored personal data be deleted. This is done by sending an email to We will always confirm receipt of your request and we will then delete all your personal data that we do not need to keep under applicable law.

  • You will always be able to withdraw marketing consent, e.g. receipt of our newsletter
  • You can read more about our processing of your personal data, types of data, deletion deadlines, etc. here.
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