Freetrailer Group A/S issues warrants

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The Board of Directors of Freetrailer Group A/S announces that 75,000 warrants have been granted to key employees in the company.

The issued warrants vest over three years and are granted annually starting in 2023. The exercise price of the first year’s grant is set at DKK 24.53 per share, corresponding to the average closing price in the period from 30 October to 24 November 2023.

The warrants are issued in accordance with the authorisation in the company’s articles of association § 4b(2).

The theoretical market value of one warrant granted is on average DKK 8.81 (calculated according to the Black Scholes theoretical value). The main assumptions for the calculation are a share price of DKK 24.4 (as of 27 November 2023), an average exercise price of DKK 24.53, volatility of 47.81% and a risk-free interest rate of 3.5%.

Vested warrants can be exercised in periods of four weeks from the day after the publication of the company’s annual report, half-year report or quarterly report, respectively.

For further information about Freetrailer Group A/S please contact

Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO, Freetrailer


Phone: +45 26 81 81 28

About Freetrailer Group A/S in brief

Freetrailer Group is a Danish technology company whose mission is to make it easy to book and rent a trailer for free via a sharing economy IT platform.

With a 100 percent self-service solution via the Freetrailer App and the electronic lock, Freetrailer’s Partners and their customers are given full flexibility, and today more than five million people have made use of Freetrailer’s service.

Freetrailer works with a two-part growth plan, where strengthening the existing domestic markets is one leg and further internationalization of the concept is the other.


+125 partners

+1,100 pick-up points

+4,500 trailers

+1,000,000 rentals

Today, Freetrailer Group has a scalable business concept based on an innovative IT platform with global potential. Freetrailer Group A/S was listed on Spotlight Stock Market in 2018.


Ticker code: FREETR

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