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Our video guides shows you step-by-step how easy it is to find, unlock, use and return your Freetrailer. Simple as always.

With the app, you don’t have to wait to be served at our Freetrailer locations. 100% self-service gives you full flexibility.

Meaning you can pick up a trailer precisely when you need it.

How to mount your trailer

Coupling the trailer

Mount the trailer by releasing the handbrake and drag it to your car.

Then use the jockey wheel to lower the trailer onto your tow bar.

Remember to click the handle down over your tow bar so it is properly secured and won’t bounce off.

Remember to raise the jockey wheel after mounting the trailer!

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Connecting the safety chain

Run the safety chain over your trailer hitch.

Secure the safety chain underneath your car.

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Connecting the wiring harness

Plug the cable into the socket beneath your car.

Check that the lights are working by testing your hazards.

If the trailer’s lights flash, you have installed the cable correctly.

Having trouble getting the cable plugged?

If the lights are not working, you can twist the cable until it fits the socket correctly.

Watch the video beside to see how.

You are now ready to use your Freetrailer.

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How to unmount your trailer

Unmounting the trailer

Firstly, disconnect power by unplugging the cable from the car’s electrical socket.

Remove the safety chain and attach it to the trailer.

Now unhitch the trailer by raising it using the jockey wheel.

Release the jockey wheel and screw it downwards to raise the trailer.

Then unmount the trailer from your car using the handle and roll the trailer back into its spot.

Remember to apply the handbrake when parking!

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Parking the trailer

Remember to wheel the trailer neatly into its spot so that it’s sitting in the marked parking spot.

Apply the handbrake to make sure the trailer is stationary.

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Installing the lock cylinder

Place the lock box back on the trailer so it covers the front of the hitch.

Guide the hitch pin through the lock box so that it is secured around the hitch.

Place the lock through the hole in the hitch pin and click it together so that it locks.

Remember to mark the trailer as returned in the app – it has only been properly returned once all these steps have been completed.

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How to use your electric cargo bike

Using the chain and lock


When picking up your cargo bike, you must remove the lock.

You do this through the app where you can unlock your bike with a single tap.

Remember to keep hold of both the chain and lock while using the bike.


Once it’s time to return the cargo bike, simply press the lock firmly back into the chain.

Pass the chain through the wheel and frame so that the bike is locked correctly.

Watch the video to see what the lock should look like when returning the bike.

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Charging your electric cargo bike


Remember to remove the charging cable from the bike when picking up.

Make sure the cable is left at the charging station correctly so that the cable is not exposed to rain etc.

The bike is now ready to use.


When returning the bike, put the charging cable back in the bike’s socket.

Having trouble inserting the charging cable? Try turning it until it can be inserted correctly.

Make sure the bike is set up correctly for charging when returning.

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Inspect the cargo bike for damage


Before using the cargo bike, it is important to inspect it for damages.

If you spot any damages, it is important that you report them in the app before setting off.

If your bike looks good, you are ready to get pedalling.


When returning the bike, you must check it again for any damage.

Also check there’s enough air in the tyres.

Make sure the cargo compartment is clean and tidy, ready for the next user.

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Adjust the saddle

Are you sitting too high or too low on the bike?

Adjusting the height of the saddle is easy.

Watch the video to see how.

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How to use the lock

With our digital lock lending is easy

Each individual lock is coded for its own Freetrailer and can only be opened when you have an active booking and are near the trailer.

Remember to turn on your location!

In the app, go to your active booking where you will see the button “Open lock”.

Press the “Open lock temporarily” button in the app.

Place your finger underneath the lock and press the button. You have unlocked your Freetrailer.

Remember to keep your lock until you return the trailer again.

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Problems with the lock?

Does the button on the lock light up but you can’t connect?

The lock can only be opened with Bluetooth. It cannot be opened remotely.

Try these suggestions for frequently encountered problems:

  1. Make sure you have your location switched on and allowed the Freetrailer app access to your location. The lock cannot be opened without this permission.
  2. Make sure that your phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices (e.g. car, headset etc.).
  3. Turn your Bluetooth off and on again. Then restart the app.
  4. Try deleting the app and downloading it again.
  5. If you are still experiencing issues, restart your phone.
  6. If the lock still does not work, empty the cache on your phone and restart.
    iPhone: Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.
    Android: Settings > Apps > Freetrailer > Storage > Clear cache.
  7. If the lock still does not work, we recommend trying with a different phone.
Åben lås
Understanding the light on the lock

Press and hold the button for 1-2 secs. If the lock lights up blue and white, everything is OK.

If the lock lights up red, this is a sign that the battery is low, and you will not always be allowed to open the lock.

If the lock does not light up at all, it can help to nudge the lock gently into the lock box. If it then lights up when you press it, you can open the lock using the app.

Are you getting FT-NOKE server errors?

It may help to hold your thumb on all three buttons at the bottom of the lock for 30 seconds. Then try opening the lock with the app. Grasp the lock firmly and shake it when the app says you can open the lock.

If that doesn’t work, please call our support and we will find another trailer for you if there is one available.

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