Freetrailer and jem & fix enter into collaboration

Freetrailer og jem & fix indgår samarbejde

The low-price DIY store jem & fix enters into a collaboration with Freetrailer. Initially, the agreement covers 126 jem & fix DIY stores in Denmark. In total, a minimum of 460 new trailers will be made available.

After a trip to the local discount DIY store, it can be difficult to fit building materials, garden furniture and home accessories in the car. That’s why jem & fix has entered into a new partnership with Freetrailer. The agreement means that customers can now freely borrow a trailer, regardless of whether they have shopped in the local store or not. jem & fix’s current trailer rental has been available only to customers who have made a purchase at jem & fix.

With the Freetrailer solution, jem & fix gains access to Freetrailer’s booking platform, which has more than 1 million annual visitors. This opens up a broad target group that is introduced to the jem & fix stores.

The long-term cooperation agreement between the two parties means that in the fall of 2023, jem & fix’s existing fleet of trailers will be replaced with open and closed trailers. jem & fix’s customers will also have easy access to reserve a trailer in advance via Freetrailer’s online platform and self-service app. A platform that is currently used by more than 1 million users across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

“We have a clear ambition to continuously strengthen our service offering to our customers. We are now digitizing our trailer rental with the Freetrailer concept, which provides a better customer experience. The solution is easy for our customers to use, and Freetrailer, with their experience and great customer focus for more than 17 years, have proven that they are the right partner,” says Kell Fogh, Development Manager at jem & fix.

“Through the partnership with jem & fix, we will now have a much greater local presence in Denmark. It is our ambition at Freetrailer to continuously expand our network of trailers so that our users can borrow a trailer in their local area. Our experience is that the many trailers at jem & fix will be used extensively by both jem & fix customers and residents in the local area. More and more people are seeing the idea of borrowing a trailer rather than owning one that just sits in the carport. We see jem & fix as a very strong partner who, like Freetrailer, has great ambitions for growth in Scandinavia,” says Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO of Freetrailer Group.

For jem & fix, the agreement has another strategically important benefit

“In addition to improving our customer service, the many trailers allow us to strengthen and expand our visibility in the local area. In concrete terms, this means that we now have a unique opportunity to give our branding and marketing efforts even more impact. With the rolling advertisements that the trailers are, we get our messages out on the roads in and around the towns where we currently have our DIY stores,” says Kell Fogh.

jem & fix is headquartered in Vejle, Denmark, and has over 2600 employees in 126 stores in Denmark, 63 stores in Sweden and 14 stores in Norway.


For further information from jem & fix contact:
Kell Fogh, Development Manager, jem & fix
Phone: +45 29 45 30 10

For further information from Freetrailer Group A/S contact:
Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO
Phone: +45 26 81 81 28

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