Freetrailer sets new record with 1,278,166 rentals in the 23/24 financial year

Freetrailer breaks several rental records in the 23/24 financial year.

  • The total number of rentals increased to 1,278,166
  • Highest number of rentals in a quarter with 400,106 in Q4
  • Highest number of rentals in a week (week 18 in 2024) with 35,376 rentals.
  • The total number of trailers and electric cargo bikes 30/6-2024 was 4,876 units.
  • Most new rental products in a financial year with 1.241 units (22/23: 825 new units).

The progress continued for the Freetrailer sharing economy platform in the financial year 23/24. With 1,278,166 rentals in the past 12 months, the company has increased the number of rentals by 370,292 compared to the financial year 22/23, corresponding to a growth of 40,2%.

The rental figure for Q4 landed at 400,106, which is an increase of 47.7% compared to the same period last year.

The number of trailers and electric cargo bikes increased to 4.867 as of 30th June 2024. This is 1,241 more units over the past 12 months, representing a growth of 34.2%.

With +250 trailers on order, Freetrailer expects to reach 5,000 units during the summer of 2024.

“We have achieved historically strong growth in all our markets over the past 12 months, with Q4 in particular developing significantly better than expected.” With a rental rate of 92.1% for the period April to June, customers demand for Freetrailer’s service is by no means saturated. In the coming financial year, Freetrailer will therefore also invest in growth.

Furthermore, our IT team has successfully launched a new app that amongst others enables our users to pay via ApplePay,” says Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO of Freetrailer Group.

For further information about Freetrailer Group A/S, please contact us:
Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO, Freetrailer
Phone: +45 26 81 81 28

Freetrailer Group A/S
Freetrailer Group is a Danish technology company whose mission is to make it easy to book and borrow a trailer for free via a sharing economy IT platform.

With a 100% self-service solution via the Freetrailer App and the electronic lock, Freetrailer partners and their customers achieve maximum flexibility. Today, the app has over 500,000 active users annually.

Freetrailer is working with a two-part growth plan, where strengthening existing domestic markets is one leg and further internationalisation of the concept is the other.
+140 partners
+1,175 pick-up locations
+4,675 trailers
+1,200,000 rentals

Today, Freetrailer Group has a scalable business concept based on an innovative IT platform with global potential. Freetrailer Group A/S was listed on Spotlight Stock Market in 2018.

Ticker code: FREETR

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