Freetrailer expands in Sweden with new jem & fix partnership

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The low-price DIY store jem & fix has entered an agreement with Freetrailer to integrate the latter’s digital trailer rental service into 15 stores across Sweden, providing customers with an improved and streamlined rental experience.

Freetrailer provides a digital platform that allows users to book, pick up, and return trailers via an app, which currently has over 1 million users across Scandinavia. The new partnership with jem & fix aims further to enhance the convenience and accessibility of trailer rentals. The initial rollout will feature 60 trailers distributed across selected stores.

After a trip to the local DIY store, fitting materials, garden furniture, and other home accessories in the car can be difficult. That’s ultimately why jem & fix decided to enter a new partnership with Freetrailer. jem & fix has been offering trailers for rental on their own until now, but it has only been available to customers who have made a purchase at the stores. With the new Freetrailer partnership, customers can freely borrow the trailers, regardless of whether they have shopped or not.

Fredrik Hennings, CEO of jem & fix Sweden, expressed confidence in the new partnership:

“We’ve seen how well the Freetrailer service has been received by our customers in Denmark, and we are confident that our Swedish customers will find it equally valuable. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing practical and convenient solutions.”


Customers can easily book trailers online through Freetrailer’s app, which offers real-time availability and a straightforward reservation process.

Johan Wijkander, Freetrailer’s Country Manager for Sweden, highlighted the importance of this collaboration: “Our partnership with jem & fix marks a significant step forward in our mission to make trailer rentals more accessible and convenient for customers in Sweden. We are excited to bring our digital solution to jem & fix stores, building on the success we’ve seen in Denmark.”

Each of the 15 stores will initially offer four trailers, with the long-term goal of expanding the service to all 68 stores in Sweden. This gives jem & fix another strategic opportunity for local exposure.

Fredrik Hennings explains: “Besides enhancing our trailer loan service, the many trailers allow us to strengthen and expand our visibility in the local area. In concrete terms, we have a unique opportunity to make our branding and marketing efforts even more impactful. With rolling advertisements, we get our messages out on the roads in and around the towns where we currently have our stores. We have already seen the effect of this with our previous free trailer loan offer.”  

Nicolai Frisch Erichsen, CEO of Freetrailer Group, is excited about the extended partnership with jem & fix: “Our partnership with jem & fix is very important to us. We look forward to a successful rollout and believe that this will significantly contribute to the growth of the sharing economy in Sweden.”


Read the press release on Spotlight.

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